CSR & Non-Profits

Benefits of KrishiMandir’s BRM Platform

  • The KrishiMandir Beneficiary Relationship Management (BRM) platform is uniquely designed to assist agricultural companies and rural organizations communicate effectively with the rural community. We provide our clients an end to end, AI driven platform with the following benefits:
  • To-and-Fro Communication with the beneficiary handled by AI powered vernacular chatbot.
  • Sending customized behavioural change notifications to beneficiaries over WhatsApp based on beneficiary profile.
  • Beneficiary Query Resolution by trained Voice Assistant capable of engaging in vernacular conversations
  • Digitized Impact Assessment Surveys and baseline surveys can give essential insights into program strategy development or effectiveness on a continuous basis.

Use Cases for Non-Profits

Smart Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Smart tools for Surveys and Assessment studies are needed for an effective M&E framework. Conversational AI based WhatsApp chatbot to aid in real time data collection. Customized Dashboard is employed for non-profits and CSRs to monitor and evaluate project goals with real time data and tracking, with Data Analysis and Trend Prediction through AI and ML techniques.

Social Behavioral Change through Gamification

Information, Education and Communication content can be researched and developed specific to the SBC needs of the organization. Every behavioral change notification, be it a video, photograph or text can be gamified to enhance engagement. KrishiMandir can research effectiveness of different IEC modules on the ground and suggest most effective modules for scaling up.

Two Way Engagement through WhatsApp Chatbot

Typically SMS messages are one way only. Audio calls managed by live agents have a significant time delay in replying back. AI powered conversational bots can trigger two way conversations over WhatsApp. 70-80% of all conversations can be digitized and handled by AI with only some conversations needing manual intervention.

AI based Query Resolution over Voice

The beneficiary is encouraged to communicate about queries related to receipt of services and schemes and provide feedback through a simple voice note. The AI will be trained to understand the voice note, categorize the intent, extract the entities and sentiment and take appropriate action.

Data analytics and Targeted Communication

AI tools will be used to extract and store information based on conversations with beneficiaries. This will be in addition to existing data available with the organization. Based on this data, the AI will create targeting groups for various communication modules.

Reminders & Impact Assessment Surveys

Lifecycles are broken down into multiple milestones. Reminders are set for the beneficiary as well as for the service delivery agent and sent over WhatsApp. Feedback surveys to ascertain baseline and impact assessment are sent to beneficiary to rate service qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

Understanding barriers to execution

Feedback Mechanism is central to understanding progress of any scheme. Feedback loops can be established within WhatsApp wherein feedback is taken from beneficiary as well as service delivery personnel. Based on the feedback, assessment can be made as to where the program has done well and where additional intervention is needed.

Features of the KrishiMandir BRM Platform

Employee WhatsApp

Beneficiary Management App

All functions of the field employee can be digitized over Whatsapp. The Employee Whatsapp module enables the employee of the organisation to manage beneficiaries, receive beneficiary queries, track service or product delivery, digitize beneficiary meetings, send invitations, record home visits as well as send recommendations.

Organisational Dashboard

Managing multiple stakeholders

The dashboard enables the organization to manage its beneficiaries and employees on a single platform. It uses advanced analytics to enable the organization to do targeted filtration based on geography, behavioural patterns, beneficiary history, conversational analytics, etc and communicate directly with the beneficiary.

Beneficiary WhatsApp

AI chatbot for beneficiary

Beneficiary can receive communication through the organisation's official WhatsApp channel and interact with the company through voice. KrishiMandir AI is trained to understand beneficiary’s voice queries.

Integrating Multiple Stakeholders


is able to track real time progress on the ground through SMART monitoring tools. BENEFICIARY's accessib


accessibility of information increases, both through one-way notifications as well as AI based two way query resolution system.


tem. NON-PROFITs can leverage our AI based platform to reduce operational costs, have enhanced communication with their beneficiaries, track progress online, extract authentic data on indicators and thereby quantify impact better.