Agricultural Companies

Benefits of KrishiMandir’s FRM Platform

  • The KrishiMandir Farmer Relationship Management (FRM) platform is uniquely designed to assist agricultural companies and rural organizations communicate effectively with the rural farming community. We provide our clients an end to end, AI driven platform with the following benefits:
  • To-and-Fro Communication with the farmer or rural beneficiary handled by AI powered vernacular chatbot
  • Sending customized product recommendations to farmers over WhatsApp based on geographical trends and farmer's historical data.
  • Farmer Query Resolution by trained Voice Assistant capable of engaging in vernacular conversations.
  • Query Resolution seamlessly leads to product recommendation which leads to sales lead generation. Employee and Retailer Applications designed to track sales leads. Advanced Analytics to give institutions critical business insights.

Features of the KrishiMandir FRM Platform

Employee WhatsApp

Sales Lead Follow-Up

All functions of the field employee can be digitized over Whatsapp. The Employee Whatsapp module enables the employee of the company to receive sales leads of the farmer, do follow-up, answer complex queries from the farmer, digitize farmer meetings, send invitations, record farm visits as well as send product recommendations.

Company Dashboard

Managing multiple stakeholders

The dashboard enables the company or organization to manage its farmers, employees and retailers on a single platform. It used advanced analytics to enable the company to do targeted filtration based on geography, cropping patterns, farmer history, etc and communicate directly with the farmer, service him and promote products.

Farmer WhatsApp

AI chatbot for farmer

Farmer can receive communication through the company's official WhatsApp channel and interact with the company through voice. KrishiMandir AI is trained to understand farmer's voice queries.

WhatsApp based Vernacular Voice Assistant

Leveraging WhatsApp's deep rural penetration & ease of access of voice over typing to enable organizations carry out meaningful, time bound conversations with farmers in their vernacular dialects

Types of Queries AI Trained On
  • Agronomic package of practices Control of Disease, pest or nutrient deficiency.
  • Fertigation, Growth and Productivity.
  • Government schemes Subsidies
  • Fertilizer, Pesticide or Seeds Information.
  • Market Rates and Profitability
  • Cattle rearing and Dairy related.
  • Farm services, equipment purchase or rental.
  • Financial Services, Insurance & others

Use Cases in Agriculture

Farmer level sales tracking

One of the biggest challenges of agri input companies is the inability to track their product sales at a farmer or even at a retailer level. KrishiMandir deploys a series of AI based tracking solutions on agri input products to ensure that sales flow is tracked. This ensures that companies have first-hand knowledge regarding the loyalty levels of their clients and know where to focus their marketing efforts.

Multi-level offer disbursement

Traceability at a product level also ensures that offers and gifts to farmers and retailers can be disbursed based on actual purchases. KrishiMandir deploys the entire funnel, beginning from product tracking at retailer level to farmer level to multi-level offer disbursement linked to quantum of purchases.

Vernacular Query Resolution

KrishiMandir’s proprietary Voice Recognition System enables farmers as well as other rural beneficiaries to communicate with the company or organization easily, in the vernacular without having the need to type. The user simply needs to pass on a voice note on the organization’s WhatsApp Number. The AI at the backend is trained to understand the query and take appropriate action.

Employee and Dealer integration

The KrishiMandir android application for dealers and employees is tailor-made to enable them to upload user data, to answer farmer or user queries that are too complex for the AI to answer and to track and complete sales or service leads. The app enables employees or retailers to send customized messages to their region specific users also.

Seamless lead conversion

KrishiMandir’s AI chatbot carries forward seamless conversations with the farmer to recommend products or services, with the ultimate purpose of generating a sales or service lead for the company or organization.

Analytics based targeting

KrishiMandir’s AI captures data from the company dashboard and the employee android application and integrates it with data captured from chat conversations to create a farmer profile. Targeting of users for product promotions or for social messaging ads is done by leveraging these user profiles. Targeting is done to ensure that users can participate only in those conversations which are meaningful and companies or organizations can save costs by eliminating redundant conversations with stakeholders.

Supply Estimation

KrishiMandir’s WhatsApp eco-system can be used to get a reasonable estimation of output produce. Farmers can be sent notifications well in advance to get an estimate of crop and acreage. Based on the same, a estimate can be made regarding the output potential of a given geography.